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Di-electric Forked Shock Absorbing Lanyard 1.5m - FA 30 405 15

FA 30 405 15

  • Length:1.8m.
  • 30mm wide polyester webbing.
  • Shock absorber in 44mm wide webbing.
  • Reduces the impact of the fall to less than 6 kN.
  • All metal parts are electrically insulated.
  • Special polymer that withstands a maximal voltage of 14 kV.
  • Breaking strength: 15 kN.
  • Di-electric snap hook (FA 50 223 15) one end, Di-electric scaffold hooks (FA 50 222 55) at forked ends.


The Di-electric range was designed to protect operators working in an environment with potential electric hazards. This range allows the wearer to be protected against an accidental contact with a current (in combination with appropriate equipment: gloves, helmet, shoes/boots, clothes). All the metal parts are electrically insulated thanks to a special polymer that can withstand a maximal voltage of 14 kV.




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